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I know many have been asked by many  me and others countless times for when another English TB manga  translation will be released/updated but I need to make it clear to many whom are new to the group or should be reminded. Patience is a virtue please do not leave anymore comments that sound more like complaints to me or others sounding like “I wish  this xxx chapter(s) was translated already or should be in English by now:crying: rvmp by Bad-Blood:pissed: rvmp by Bad-Blood or something like that lately these types of comments sound more like whines.
There is nothing I can do if the translations are slow. Translating a raw manga into English takes time there are not many scanners whom have the raw chapters are willing to translate because it from another language or they have other priorities that need to be addressed. People should be grateful to when they see any new chapter update at all regardless of the language.

I say this with due respect I mean no disrespect to anyone but I know the translating progress can be nerve wrecking and tiring:iconcryingplz: to those whim have to wait. Patience is not one of my best seven virtues but we need to grit our teeth and wait until the next update is complete and ready. Whining to me or others about how slow it’s been will not make the people whom upload the translations to work any faster. It can be very discouraging to those whom are tying to help with English translations seeing repeated complaints about the same thing to hurry up it will not get the updates coming in any faster.

If people cannot wait for the next English translation then you are more than free to inform me or others if there are people or site that have the newest English update posted already. Or if that is no good another alternate for those whom need another TB update fix is to order the next coming manga volume coming out and wait until it arrives at your door or local book store.

Complaints to this group and others about it will not make the progress happen any faster.


Keep in mind since the After Yoshida's death on July 15, 2004, Kentaro Yasui, his friend and the author of Ragnarok novels, stepped in to complete the remaining TB novels. Yasui also aided in completing the manga, with illustrations by Kiyo Kujō. Kiyo Kujō-sensei. Also updates TB manga half the time each year while he works on another manga with his recognizable artwork in Zone 00 manga from the spring to summer seasons. Hence why the Tb manga is mostly updated in the fall/winter for periods of time.

I try my hardest almost every day when I can on certain manga sites to see if updates have been made in their latest update section like on mangapark or kissmanga to which I like those sites because you can view every manga chapter as a whole than individually per page.

So in the meaning keep those Da watch alters  on and stay patient. I am sure another English manga translation will be just around the corner in no time.

TTFN :icontrinity--blood: founder :rose:smcandy~:rose:
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