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I decided to REVISE FYI info that might become useful to know when currently reading or keeping track of the TB universe and terminology. Since most Trinity Blood fans are not at all familiar with the differences between the anime, manga and novels. This update and revised information will help clear up and explain a few things regarding the cannon anime, novel or manga versions as we know it currently.

In truth, most of the Trinity blood cannon characters and themes are based loosely on named from well-known Biblical, Historical, Mythological and fictional figures/people or places that can be found and even taken on the same full names as their real life counterparts. The late Sunao Yoshida possibly got most of his ideas from them for when created the series. Even in the anime and manga some names and places there are taken and can be seen everywhere within the TB universe.

Including Full explanations on events that happened before the series main timeline is shown.

Just click on the links below to view what has been full updated and explained:
Most of the manga's chapter titles are taken from Famous/Popular film titles. Except for chapter 22, the title of which comes from "the lyrics of the theme song of a certain pioneering kendo anime".
Only two types of currency Bitcoin Pixel Icon by DJ-Zemar is shown in the story line Trinity Blood. Money used in the series for the Terran/ Vatican domain/territories of Western Europe is Dinar while in Eastern part of Europe in the New Human Empire money used is Akçe ; an akce is one-third of a silver dirham.

Characters that appeared or were mentioned in the Anime/Manga/Novels.

:pointr: Characters :pointl:
Blood Divider: Free to Use! by MonsterMedsBlood Divider: Free to Use! by MonsterMeds
:bulletred: The Red Mars Project
:bulletred:The Ark
:bulletred::coffin: by ebonredCrusnik/Crusnik Bacillus
:bulletred:Bat : Bullets by AngelicHellraiserMethuselah/Kudlak Bacillus
:bookdiva:Timeline of Events
:bookdiva: Armageddon
:bookdiva:The Martian Civil War
:bookdiva: The Dark Ages
:bookdiva: Geography of Trinity Blood
:bookdiva:  Cold War
:bookdiva:  Never Land Incident
Locations and Kingdoms

Italy by TanteTabata Rome
Large Crucifix Mini Pixel by GasaraThe Vatican
Crucifix Mini Pixel by GasaraVatican HQ {headquarters}
:cross: by ebonredVatican State Affairs Office
Crucifix Mini Pixel by Gasara Castle of San Angelo
Crucifix Mini Pixel by Gasara The San Pietro Cathedral

.:Mini star bullet 05:. by Chipi-Chiu New Human Empire/ Methuselah Empire
:flaguk: Kingdom Of Albion
Hungary by TanteTabataIstván
Germany by TanteTabata Kingdom of Germanicus
Spain by TanteTabataKingdom of Hispania
Belgium by TanteTabataNetherlands by TanteTabata The Four City-State Alliance
:pointr: Amsterdam
Terra Incognita
United Nations Stamp by phantom The United Nations (UN) in Trinity Blood
Flag of United Nations Stamp by xxstamps UNASF
:rose: Rosenkreuz Orden /Rosencreutz Orden
Large Crucifix Mini Pixel by GasaraAx Agency
Ministry of Holy Affairs
Large Crucifix Mini Pixel by GasaraDepartment of Inquisition
Ministry of Vatican Papal Doctrine
:bulletblack:HC/Killing Doll series  
Neue Vatican/New Vatican
.:Mini star bullet 01:. by Chipi-ChiuPartisans
Silver Square Bullet by KawikuFleurs Du Mal
Silver Square Bullet by KawikuCount Four
:bulletblack::pointr:Dominic Pharmaceuticals/Dominic Company/Dominic Pharmacy
:bulletblue: Extra info on Ludwig II/Tyrant King
:bulletpurple: Languages
:bulletblue:Lost Story
More Journal Entries


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